About Me

Ben Birdsall: songwriter, recording engineer, interpreter of many kinds of music, Ben began recording songs on a Tascam 4-track cassette recorder at the age of 16, and never stopped. In the mid 2000’s he created his first recording studio in Oakland, CA, formed the rock band Le Fits and released 3 albums under that name. Moving to Philadelphia in 2008, he built the Hi5 Studio from out of the ashes of the Maas brewery (now the MAAS Building) in the Kensington neigbhorhood of N Philadelphia, and has been producing music, putting on shows and recording local and loco stuff since 2010.  Here’s some really cool new shit we did recently: An Argentinian guitar player was in town:

This blog is … honestly, really just an excuse to try to draw pictures again.  I love drawing, and I feel like the drawings that are coming off of the pen right now kind of echo the music in good ways  — That wasn’t always the case, but in the current present, I find myself producing the best, smallest posters ever – failing proposals for Ad Agencies in Majorka,… Ibiza DJ reject Culturama: Sortalike: Sketches of … Pain, Spain, Santorini, if and or buttquest: other sort of travel advertisements….. HEy – and here’s to really gettin Inuit. !







I am always working on new ideas, meeting interesting people, collaborating on different projects.  I’m the luckiest guy, on the lower east side of kensington! I am surrounded by creative people, and I can record in a recording studio. I am just glad to be able to make music and share it with those who will listen.

So… Thanks for listening!