Metal Monday

Email from a Fan (2015): “Ben, Gaddy here- used to hang out with you in California with Susannah Slocum. I am still a big Le Fits fan. Just got the last excellent album online. Thank you. Hey, I was wondering if you ever write songs for other people?” 
Of course I said yes to this request. He sent me some keywords, and with some rearranging, I concocted the first verse. It was Metal Monday at the Half Moon… from his list of words was the obvious setting, We touched our knees together was how I imagined 2 people attracted to each other would behave in the company of friends. The rest is my interpretation of what it might be like to be a fan of heavy metal while entering middle-age.  And given the words lighthouse and making out – I decided that this would be the mystique of young love at night – the real kind of “Witchy/Black Magic Woman” experience.  Although I have not ever gotten the full story, I apparently was not wrong about that.

Recorded @ The Hi5 Studio, July, 2016
Mixed & Mastered @ The Hi5. Feb 2017.

Ben Birdsall: Guitar, Voice, Strings, Melodica | Josh Friedman: Drums | Alex Yaker: Bass | Josh Olmstead: Guitar

The image is my first attempt at pyrography on wood.  Like, drawing with a soldering iron. Thanks to #crystalanddavidson, #miriamsinger.

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