Rare Earth

First track recorded with our newly refurbished Hammond B3 Organ, on loan to the Hi5 Studio courtesy of Billy Dufala. Josh Friedman went back to Puerto Rican roots for latin inspiration on drums, and Alex Yaker took the Hammond by storm and ripped a new hole in the universe through which there appears to be 1960's french game shows.  "Play like Ray Manzarek on Acid!" I shouted in the talk-back microphone. (hmmm redundant?) Lyrically, it turns out the the song is about being retarded - or just painfully socially awkward:  Having the frustrating feeling that you have something to offer yet you are boxed-in, cornered by conventions, oppressed by cold human density...Don't Understand The Station, So You Change The Tune 
Recorded at the Hi5 Studio, May - June, 2017
 Ben Birdsall, guitar y voz  | Alex Yaker, bass, hammond organ  | Josh Olmstead, guitar  |  Josh Friedman, drums, percussion

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