The Element of Surprise

This one was in the works for over a year, and we’re glad to finally unleash it!  A 7-minute epic that rewards the deep listen,  (including an orchestral string section with yours truly on violins and violas and Catherine on cello) – it will not disappoint.

The lyrics tell the story of an unemployed man and his obsession with his 4th of July neighborhood fireworks display. Previously the reigning king, he develops a rivalry with a new neighbor who appears to be amassing an immense stockpile.

Alcohol and substance abuse fuel his competitive obsession and he hatches a plan that he is convinced will ensure victory in the neighborhood.  Narcissism and pyrotechnics implode in equal amounts of bombast – damaging property, body, and psyche as he descends into a nightmarish mania setting his fateful plan into action.

Ben Birdsall – Guitar, voice, piano, violin, viola
Josh Olmstead – Electric guitar
Alex Yaker – Bass
Josh Friedman – Drums, percussion
Catherine Birdsall – Cello

Produced by Ben Birdsall and Le Fits.  Recorded and Mixed at the Hi5 Studio by Ben Birdsall and Josh Friedman.

Drawing:  “Proposal for addition to the Periodic Table”


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