Your Comeback

I wrote the bare bones of this song a couple years ago – a kind of rhythmic mantra on a few major chords in various configurations.  It stuck in my head and I enjoyed strumming it over and over for a long time before I even considering putting any words to it. The lyrics are intentionally obtuse and dreamy, the form inspired by the children’s book “The Runaway Bunny” which is rather poetic and sweet.  I brought the song to a recording session and I thought it came together rather nicely. I hope that we managed to maintain some of the song’s dreamy vibe while still rockin’ it.

If you make like a dime and turn silver
I will make rocket wine and pass over… 

Recorded Mostly Live @ The Hi5 Studio. Dec 2016.
Mixed & Mastered @ The Hi5. Feb 2017.

Ben Birdsall: Guitar y Voz | Josh Friedman: Drums | Alex Yaker: Bass | Josh Olmstead: Guitar